Justin Bortnick

Founder, Designer, Writer

Justin is a gentleman and a scholar who enjoys the New York Times' Art Section, dragons, earl grey tea and being outraged over everything.
Twitter: @LordHuffnPuff

Sydney Kjerstad


Sydney Kjerstad writes music and teaches video game music at Please send her the spiciest memes.
Twitter: @SydneyKjerstad

Miranda Jacoby


Miranda is an artist who loves animation, books, and creatures, especially birds.
Twitter: @practicalpigeon

Kat Langomez


Kat Langomez is an Animator, Illustrator and Content Creator who is moving to make art and making art that moves! She is summoned by sparkly objects.
Twitter: @kirakirakat

Emily Morrow


Emily is a writer who reads far too many books, plays far too many video games, and laughs at far too many memes.
Twitter: @thepokeflute

Mar Ferreri

Programming, Magic Consultant

Mar tries their best to do cool things with their time on this planet.
Twitter: @ShuuBetterRun

Hall of Fame
Gord Hill

Founder, Programmer, Podcast Host

Gord is an ex-expat who likes programming, video games, open source software and a cautious approach to sharing data on the internet.
Twitter: @caseyweederman